I scheduled a date for service, but did not receive a time frame. How will I know when the technician is coming to my home?

A: When you are scheduled for a date, you will be called the day before with the time frame. Our system will call and text you reminders of your appointment with the time frame as well. If an email is provided, we can send you an email confirmation with the picture of the technician that will be servicing your furniture. If you have a specific time request, please let us know when you are scheduled and it will be noted. Our system will generate the time frames once the route is closed the day prior to the scheduled appointment. The system will take into consideration all customer requests for service and assign the times based on the most efficient route possible. This insures we can accommodate as many requests as possible and allow to service as many guests as possible.

***Please note*** As I am sure you understand, It takes careful planning to ensure we can meet the service needs of all of our customers. We must also be as fuel and time efficient as possible.

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